Monday, April 19, 2010

SappyFest 2010 - Get yer tickets!

Your summer just got a lot better.  Sappy Records has announced the dates for it's 5th annual Music & Arts Festival, it'll take place July 30th - Aug 1st in Sackville New Brunswick.  They haven't announced who'll be performing yet but you can bet the lineup will be stellar given their track record from previous years. Past performers include the Constantines, Eric's Trip, Destroyer, Dog Day, Attack in Black, Chad Van Gaalen, One Hundred Dollars, Al Tuck, Calvin Johnson, and many many more great bands.

Early bird tickets are on sale HERE via TicketPro, there's only 200 of these available so act quick.  $56.50 + taxes/fees for 3 days of music, this is a no-brainer folks.

Chad Van Gaalen @ SappyFest 2008

Snowsuit Sounds (feat. B.A. Johnston) - 'Go East, To SappyFest'Pt. 1

Snowsuit Sounds - 'Go East, To SappyFest' Pt. 2

The exciting conclusion of our epic Sappyfest episode!

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