Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Hundred Dollars - Regional 7" Series

If your musical listening tendencies have ever leaned towards the country side of things, if your ears perk up when you hear a pedal steel, or if you like your music with a side of REAL, then this band is for you.

One Hundred Dollars have recently issued the 2nd installment of their Regional 7" Series via Vancouver based Deranged Records and it's a barn burner.  The idea behind the series is to write a song about the area from which the record label is based, in this case Vancouver's lower east side is the setting and life on its streets is the subject.  Heavy stuff to say the least, and Simone Schmidt's vocals paint a grim picture.  This is something this band does really well, their subject matter is often dark and deals with the not-so-sunny side of life, as I mentioned earlier ..... REAL.  There's nothing overly flashy about the playing on this single, the music serves the song the way only true country can.  Stew Crookes is killer on pedal steel and the rhythm section holds down a steady groove.  What really makes this band unique is Simone Schmidt's vocal delivery, no one sounds like this girl, her voice is instantly recognizable and suits this genre incredibly well.  Venture over to exclaim! to hear this tune then order yourself a copy of this single, you'll be glad you did.  If you like what you hear you can also grab the first installment of the Regional 7" Series over at the Blue House.

The band released a full length album titled Forest of Tears on Blue Fog Recordings back in 2008 which is a great album in it's own right, although it's odd it hasn't received a vinyl release considering it's on the Blue Fog label.  Hopefully that's in the works for a future release.  Check out the band in action at Rick White's elder schoolhouse during the recording of their lp.

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Ian said...

the "forest of tears" vinyl is out now!