Friday, December 21, 2007

Brother Down

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In the spirit of the season I've decided to make this weeks post a family affair. My brother Eric has a keen ear when it comes to music and has dropped SEVERAL great artists onto my listening plate over the years (Jimi Hendrix in 1993, Ryan Adams in 2003, Magnolia Electric Co. in 2006, and Josh Ritter in 2007 to name but a few). He's spending Christmas down under in Australia this year with his girl (hi Cheryl!) so the least that I can do is give him a musical shout out. Eric picked the majority of the tracks (his notes are in italics), the rest are songs that he has turned me onto over the years. Let's get to it!

Portland, Oregon - Loretta Lynn & Jack White (Van Lear Rose)
This pairing may at first glance seem a little strange, but all it takes is one listen to fall in love with this duo. Recorded in 2004, this stellar track showcases Lynn's classic country vocals along with White's patented guitar & vocal assault.

To The Dogs or Whoever - Josh Ritter (The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter)
Josh Ritter is a true talent. Trust me, you'll never get bored listening to his songs. This song is like a playful non-related sequal to Dylan's 'Subterranean Homesick Blues'...if that makes any sense.

Soon Enough - The Constantines (Tournament of Hearts)
The Constantines - A band that I would love to see live. This is one of my favourites by them. The line: "...the tournament of hearts, somebodys gotta lose" sounds like it was written by The Boss himself.'

Co-ordinates - The Violet Archers (The End Of Part One)
The Violet Archers are led by my favourite vocalist from the legendary Rheostatics - Tim Vesely. This song is the single from their excellent debut album (from a few years ago) entitled 'The End Of Part One'. The entire album is really great. Hopefully there will be more to come from them.

Werewolves of London - Magnolia Electric Co.
A great cover of a Warren Zevon song. Jason Molina having fun never sounded so sweet.

Oh My Soul! - Thrush Hermit (Clayton Park)
Although it's eight years removed from Plaskett's other song featured in this weeks podcast, it hits the mark every time. Long live the Hermit!

Myriad Harbour -The New Pornographers (Challengers)
I wasn't always a fan of Dan Bejar's songs with The New Pornographers but this song is brilliant.

If The Brakeman Turns My Way - Bright Eyes (Cassadaga)
I think this is one of the best songs in the Bright Eyes catalogue. Conor Oberst is a talented lyricist and musician and this song showcases both.

Girls In Their Summer Clothes - Bruce Springsteen (Magic)
This is one of my favourite songs from Bruce's latest album. Once again, Bruce tells the story (like only he can) of some chap who's down on his luck ("The girls in their summer clothes, pass me by"). The Boss loves to namedrop characters and places that have previously appeared in other songs and he does it again with this song.

Hold On - Tom Waits (Mule Variations)
A song recommended to me by New York Ian. Found it on a juke box at Chez Lucien's....the rest is history.

Methamphetimine - Son Volt (The Search)
Jay Farar tends to write some heavy songs and this one is no exception.

If I Am A Stranger - Ryan Adams (Follow the Light EP)
I took Eric 4 years and cost him three Ryan Adams LPs, but he finally converted me into more than just a casual fan of Mr Adams. RA is a master at re-inventing himself so it was no surprise that on his latest EP he re-recorded a few of his own songs with his current touring band (the Cardinals). The results were nothing short of outstanding.

Paris 1919 - John Cale (Paris 1919)
This is the black sheep of the bunch. I don't know. It just sounds it could be a b-side off of Sgt. Pepper's or something.

Soundtrack For The Night - Joel Plaskett Emergency (Ashtray Rock).
Leave it to Joel Plaskett to write a mini rock opera and nail it. I think the best thing about this song is that it's so easy to picture Joel and the Emergency playing it live complete with the gang vocals...."who do you love?".

Breathless - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (Abbatoir Blues)
Not many people can write a love song using childish imagery and get away with it...but Nick Cave does it and man does it sound good.

Hangover Days - Jason Collett & Leslie Feist (live)
My Beautiful fiancee has been on a huge Broken Social Scene kick over the past few weeks, and while hunting for EVERYTHING BSS she found this fantastic live performance . It being the holidays and all I thought the title was fitting.

Minors’ Refrain – Elephant Micah (Agrarian Malaise)
Elephant Micah was recommended by Jason Molina (of Magnolia Electric Co.) on his myspace. Check them out.

Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole - Martha Wainwright (s/t)
There are few songs that strike a chord like this one does. wow

Be safe if you're traveling over the holidays and be sure to raise a glass or two and give thanks.
From the Restless Radio team, Happy Holidays everyone!

1. Portland, Oregon - Loretta Lynn & Jack White
2. To the Dogs or Whoever - Josh Ritter *
3. Soon Enough - The Constantines *
4. Coordinates - the Violet Archers *
5. Werewolves of London - Magnolia Electric Co. *
6. Oh My Soul! - Thrush Hermit
7. Myriad Harbour - the New Pornographers *
8. If the Breakman Turns My Way - Bright Eyes *
9. Girls In Their Summer Clothes - Bruce Springsteen *
10. Hold On - Tom Waits *
11. Methamphetamine - Son Volt *
12. If I Am A Stranger - Ryan Adams *
13. Paris 1919 - John Cale *
14. Soundtrack for the Night - Joel Plaskett Emergency *
15. Breathless - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds *
16. Hangover Days - Jason Collett & Leslie Feist
17. Minor's Refrain - Elephant Micah *
18. B.M.F.A - Martha Wainwright

* = Eric's picks

Friday, December 14, 2007

Week 9 ... streaming

I'm trying something new here this week so bear with me....
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Here's another with some "oldies"

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Back in the Day

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If you haven’t already guessed it from looking at the tracklist, this week’s theme is all about the old school. It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of 60’s & 70’s rock ‘n roll, at least half of my music collection pre-dates me by 10-15 years… no joke. What’s great about listening to older stuff is that you can easily weed through the mediocrity (early 80’s Rolling Stones anyone?) by doing a little research and finding the hidden gems from any artists’ catalogue.
I’ve tried to cover all the “must hear” bases, but with 3 decades of material to work with I’ve no doubt missed many a band. Not to fear, I guarantee that each one of these tracks I’ve presented will melt your face in their own way and there’ll most certainly be another podcast dedicated to this very same subject somewhere down the road.
My good friend Hutch, who is currently holding down the fort on the North Shore, is sitting in the GuestList spot this week so you’ll hear some of his all time favorites mixed in with what I’ve picked for you.

Don’t Do It - the Band
A Musical History (2006)
Their name suits them to a T… there is no other band that compares. They do it all, and for a time were the only band that mattered to me. This song was never officially released on a studio album but it was featured in the classic Scorsese film ‘the Last Waltz’.

Let It Bleed - the Rolling Stones
Let It Bleed (1969)
I have several favorites from this band, and today this track is at the top of my list. For a time this band could do no wrong in the recording studio (’68-’73) and this track is the perfect representation of a band firing on all cylinders and letting all hang out like only the Stones can.

Deal - Jerry Garcia
Garcia (1972)
So I planned on throwing a Grateful Dead tune into the mix, but couldn’t find one that I liked… that would clock in at less than 5 minutes that is. Hence the appearance of uncle Jerry. ‘Deal’ was originally recorded for Jerry’s first official solo album sans the Dead.

E Street Shuffle – Bruce Springsteen
The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle (1973)
If you’re a casual Springsteen fan (which I am) then you’ve likely never heard Bruce sound this damn funky. Release only 8 short months after his debut lp in 1973, this is Bruce is all his early glory.

I’ve Got a Feeling - the Beatles
Let It Be (1970)
McCartney absolutely OWNS this classic from the Fab Fours’ swan song LP ‘Let It Be’.

Izabella - Jimi Hendrix
Live at Woodstock (1969)
Hendrix was almost too sick to play his set at Woodstock, a fact that makes this performance even more spectacular. Don’t eat the brown acid … ever.

Ain’t That A Lot of Love - Taj Mahal
Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus (1968)
If there’s an album that made me re-focus my attention to the Stones and other artists of that era, it’s the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus album. Featuring the likes of Jethro Tull, the Who, Marianne Faithfull, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Taj Mahal, and of course the Stones, this album is an absolute goldmine of late 60’s rock. Taj and his band are so incredibly tight during their performance the Stones almost pale in comparison.

** Greetings from a sleepy river town in northern New Brunswick where the youth are few and the snow is plenty! Considering I owe much of any knowledge I have of music to Mike D and his Restless Radio, it’s a great pleasure to contribute a few tracks to this week’s playlist.

** The Woman That Got Away - J.J. Cale
Troubadour (1971)
Diversity isn't something that J.J. Cale is known for, but what he does, he does well. The dude has a guitar style like no other, and his career is full of solid songs like this one.

** I Feel So Good - Muddy Waters
Muddy Waters at Newport (1960)
This is a great live version of a Big Bill Broonzy original. Nobody belts it out like Muddy.

** One Day I Walk - Bruce Cockburn
High Winds White Sky (1971)
I admire Cockburn’s rocket launching pursuit of a better world as much as the next suburbanite, but it’s his timeless folk songs like “One Day” that I can relate to. "Pacing the Cage" is another solid tune of his in the same style.

Nobody ‘Cept You - Bob Dylan
The Bootleg Series - 1-3 (1973)
One of the great things about Dylan was his ability to at times captivate his listeners with mind bending lyrics, and other times to simply entertain with a light country rocker about love. Hatched from the three day sessions that became Planet Waves, this tune is another great Dylan - The Band collaboration.

Wherever You Go - West Montrose
West Montrose EP (1987)
Before forming the Skydiggers, Andy Maize and Josh Finlayson released this tune under the name “West Montrose”. Hands down one of my favorite tunes of all time. Mike has an inaresting story about the acquisition of this ep. Go ahead, ask him.

Lookout Joe – Neil Young
Tonight’s the Night (1975)
It doesn’t get anymore rock ‘n roll than Neil’s ‘Tonight’s the Night’ lp. Recorded in a haze in 1973 with a few members of Crazy Horse and a couple of other usual suspects, this album didn’t actually see the light of day until 2 years later. For the casual fan the album is likely unlistenable , but if you put some time into this one there are flashes of brilliance on every track.

The Soft Parade - the Doors
The Soft Parade (1969)
Getting drunk and listening to the Doors at the age of 14 is like a right of passage for most music fans. I mean, remember the first time you heard ‘the End’? All 11 minutes of it? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. It was like a new world had opened up and the 3 minute radio song you were used to hearing sounded like Yanni compared to this stuff. The Doors were great at creating a groove and letting Jim do his thing, and this lesser known track showcases this ability perfectly.

Wrong ‘Em Boyo - The Clash
London Calling (1979)
‘London Calling’ is hands down the most eclectic sounding album I own (If I’ve said this before about another album… I was lying). For a band who two years prior was the epitome of punk, this lp is anything but (except maybe in spirit) and only goes to show truly great this band was.

Dirty Blvd - Lou Reed
New York (1989)
Lou Reed is another one of those artists that you cannot really listen to on a casual basis. He has a catalogue that only Dylan and Neil Young can rival in terms of scope and influence so you can just imagine how much material this guy has released. He’s got a few hits, but he’ll be remembered for being a lyrical genius and the godfather of cool.

Country Death Song – Violent Femmes
Hallowed Ground (1985)
I’ve always liked the Femmes, they have a way of making the morbid and obscene sound like a day at the zoo.

Peaches in Regalia – Frank Zappa
Hot Rats (1969)
I cannot claim to be a huge Zappa fan, but admire what he did as a composer, musician, producer, and free speech activist. No list of ‘old school’ tracks would be complete without including the Z-man. This track is from his first official solo album without the Mothers of Invention and it’s an absolute assault to the senses. **Headphones recommended**

Sloop John B – the Beach Boys
Pet Sounds (1966)
When I was younger I was bombarded with Beach Boy tunes on family road trips … but I’ll be damned if they ever sounded this good. In terms of vocal harmonies it doesn’t get much better that Brian Wilson and the rest of the B Boys.

Wherever You Go - West Montrose (continued…)
West Montrose EP (1987)
To elaborate a little on what Hutch referred to earlier, I requested a copy of this long out of print 7” vinyl single from Andy Maize himself via email … a couple of weeks later three copies arrived in the mail along with a note from Andy saying he had an attic full of the records and was only too happy to give a few away to a fan.
The moral of the story … you’ll never know what you can get unless you ask for it (nicely).

Have a good weekend
MD & the Hutch

1. Don't Do It -
the Band
2. The Woman That Got Away -
JJ Cale **
3. Let It Bleed -
the Rolling Stones
4. Deal -
Jerry Garcia
5. E Street Shuffle -
Bruce Springsteen
6. I've Got A Felling -
the Beatles
7. Izabella -
Jimi Hendrix
8. Ain't That A Lot Of Love -
Taj Mahal
9. I Fell So Good -
Muddy Waters **
10. Lookout Joe -
Neil Young
11. One Day I Walk -
Bruce Cockburn **
12. Nobody 'Cept You -
Bob Dylan **
13. The Soft Parade (partial) -
the Doors
14. Wrong 'Em Boyo -
the Clash
15. Dirty Blvd. -
Lou Reed
16. Country Death Song -
Violent Femmes
17. Peaches In Regalia -
Frank Zappa
18. Sloop John B -
the Beach Boys
19. Wherever You Go -
West Montrose **

** = Guestlist pics

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Word from the West

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Word from the west. I’ve been enjoying the recent Restless Radio pod-cast installments and have missed the good ol’ days at CHMA, being Mike’s trusty sidekick, putting the show together on the home front. It’s my pleasure to present to your ears some of what my ears have been taking in whilst out here in Vancouver.

Artist: Michael Franti and Spearhead Track: Stay Human
Album: Songs From The Porch (2003)
To kick off the set, here’s a dose of the positive / political energy that is: Michael Franti and his band Spearhead. I had the pleasure of experiencing their live performance at the Malkin Bowl; a great outdoor venue nestled amongst the trees in Stanley Park. The sky opened up midway through the show to which Franti and the positive crowd gave much thanks….

Artist: Elliott Brood Track: Second Son
Album: Ambassador (2005)
I was lucky to catch this trio on their Exclaim! tour. They bring a truckload of floor-stompin’ energy. At the show they handed out an assortment of pots & pans for the audience members to giver on…. You can imagine the mad jam that ensued! They are still on the road with the final two dates on their tour scheduled for Moncton (Friday Nov. 23rd) and Saint John (Sat. Nov.24th).

Artist: Andrew Bird Track: Fake Palindromes
Album: The Mysterious Production Of Eggs (2005)
I came to know this Chicago based multi-instrumentalist as the “whistling guy who recorded an album in an abandoned grain silo for the acoustics” through my good friend and talented musician Rob Reid. Upon seeing him perform it becomes rather obvious that Andrew picked up his first violin at the tender age of four years! I had a tough time deciding which track to choose….. he’s got a deep bag of nine solid releases. You best be checking him out.

Artist: Final Fantasy (Owen Pallett) Track: This Is The Dream Of Win And Regine
Album: Has A Good Home (2005)
I had never seen a live performance coupled with manually overhead projected art… Who said that those weren’t useful anymore?
The Win and Regine referred to in the track title are Win Butler and Regine Chassagne of The Arcade Fire, the band with whom Owen plays live (and often opens for) and for whom he arranged the orchestral sections on their albums.

Artist: Great Lake Swimmers Track: Bodies And Minds
Album: Bodies And Minds (2005)
Bodies and Minds, their second album of three, was recorded in a lakeside church in rural southern Ontario, continuing the emphasis on atmosphere from the debut album.

Artist: Chromeo Track: Mommas Boy
Album: Fancy Footwork (2007)
If you have yet to listen to this duo’s newest album “Fancy Footwork” you best be getting to it. Buff the hardwood floor, put on your “dance pants”, apply kneepads and let your inner 80’s spirit shine.
P.S. don’t forget to stretch first J

Artist: Trevor Tchir Track: B-Side Intro
Album: Wooden Castles Fall (2005)
An instrumental selection from this Albertan folk writer’s third album. He’s a great guy (he crashed on my couch in Moncton during his last cross-Canada tour) and his music reflects his melodic knack for storytelling.

Artist: Ideal Lovers Track: ?
Album: ? (2006)
Zachary James DeCamp, David Louis Gaston Payant, Joseph Baron Grass, Joshua Franklin Toal, Mike Evin, and Mike O'Brien make up the revolving songwriter/instrumentalist crew Ideal Lovers. You may have caught them this past summer at Montreal’s outdoor Osheaga Festival Of Music & Arts. As a native Monctonian, Joe Grass is no stranger to past Restless Radio tracklists. His inaugural self-titled solo effort is a definite keeper. I received a bunch of tracks from these guys while they were recording their album so I’m unsure of the track name & album name (or if this particular track even made the cut!)…. Anyhoo… I dig it.

Artist: Imogen Heap Track: Hide And Seek
Album: Speak For Yourself (2005)
I was just recently introduced to this artist from the UK and was instantly captivated with this robotic lullaby. Other than that I know not much of her.

Artist: The Acorn Track: Do You Not Yearn At All?
Album: The Pink Ghosts (2004)
These guys were introduced to me by my brother (thanks Shaver!)… they’ve been keeping busy with one album release per year over the past four years and a fairly busy touring schedule…. Most recently, they’ve appeared alongside Elliott Brood on the western segment of the Exclaim! Wood, Wires, and Whisky tour, and they just released a fresh album entitled “Glory Hope Mountain”.

Artist: Caribou Track: Melody Day
Album: Andorra (2007)
You may have heard of Dan Snaith in the context of the trademark lawsuit that forced him to change his artist name from 'Manitoba'. Sued by ageing punk rocker Handsome Dick Manitoba, despite Dick never having released an album under the name 'Manitoba', and finding himself limited by the high-priced realities of trademark law, Snaith opted to take the high road and change his nom de rock to Caribou. No news yet on whether the province of Manitoba is planning on changing its name...

Artist: The Slip Track: Even Rats
Album: Guitar Hero
This trio has been laying down great stuff since their inception in Boston (1996). I was first exposed to their experimental rhythmic approaches at the Evolve Festival in Nova Scotia. They’ve since relocated to Montreal and recently released “Eisenhower” co-produced by the band and the Matthew Ellard (Elliot Smith, Billy Bragg & Wilco) and with additional engineering by good friend and fellow Montrealien Drew Malamud (Stars, Metric)

Artist: Hawksley Workman Track: No Sissies
Album: For Him And The Girls
Hawksley holds a special place in my musical heart. This Canadian boy has a serious way with words and is so passionate in his dramatic delivery that while watching him perform live I sometimes think that I’m witnessing a Broadway musical. He’s got a new album and tour in the works…. I’m all over it.

Artist: Beck Track: New Round
Album: The Information
Yessir…a melodic closer for the set. No need for an introduction here. Beck has been a staple go to from day one…. He feels like an old friend and I hope he releases records until the world explodes.

Cheers to y’all. Until next time, safe travels and all the best in your life’s passions.
I look forward to catching up with everyone and sharing some cheer over the rapidly approaching holidays. J


1. Stay Human -
2. Second Son -
Elliot Brood
3. Fake Palindromes -
Andrew Bird
4. This is the Dream of Win & Regine -
Final Fantasy
5. Bodies and Minds -
Great Lake Swimmers
6. Momma;s Boy -
7. b-side intro -
Trevor Tchir
8. ??? -
the Ideal Lovers
9. Hide and Seek -
Imogen Heap
10. Do You Not Yearn, At All? -
the Acorn
11. Melody Day -
12. Even Rats -
the Slip
13. No Sissies -
Hawksley Workman
14. New Round -

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Red-Eyed and Blue

(click HERE to listen)

This weeks installment of the podcast is all about the slow burners. The slow jams. Those songs you throw on when you need to clear your head and relax a bit. Rock 'n roll is generally described as wood, wire, and whiskey ... but I'd liken this mix to a campfire and a bottle of wine type of vibe.
As an added bonus, I'll be posting another set of tunes in the very near future. My good friend and former Restless Radio cohort Chris Jackson has put together an incredible set of songs for your listening pleasure. Jackson is living out on the West coast of this fine country of ours and has been sampling a lot of what VanCity has to offer musically. Stay tuned for that set as it's guaranteed to impress.
In the meantime, lose the beans and pop in this lude of a podcast.

- I was recently introduced to the musical styling's of Midlake (thanks M&M) and my ears are all the better for it. If the Blue Oyster Cult and Ron Sexsmith had a bastard child I think he would grow up to sound a lot like these guys. I'm a sucker for subtle drum fills and a groove that doesn't quit ... an all around excellent song. On a side note, the band may have the oddest album art I've ever seen.

- You've all heard the idea of categorizing bands as either being of Beatles influence or of Rolling Stones influence, right? Mike O'Neil is definitely on the Beatles side of things, one listen to his track 'Mr Carvery' and you'll think you've popped in a Revolver era Beatles tune. He's a former member of 'the Inbreds', an excellent rock duo who recorded on Sloan's MurderRecords label back in the mid 90's. He has since release a couple of critically acclaimed solo records which are available over at
Dig it.

- Ramshackle is probably the sleeper tune on Beck's masterpiece 'Odelay'. It's the album closer (if you don't count the seizure inducing hidden track) and really showcases Beck's softer more ambient side. The chorus might be one of my all time favorites of his, and the jammy little interlude before the final verse proves that this guy has always had the goods.

- Two Hours Traffic are great little band out of PEI. Joel Plaskett seems to have taken them under his wing and helped them produced a couple of albums. I only own their debut lp and it's a pretty solid outing, 'Girl Up the Stairs' being one of the more laid back tracks.

- Turner Cody has been part of the New York anti-folk scene since 2000 and has released a boat load of material (mostly self released CD-R's) in that time. In the past few years he has collaborated quite a bit with Herman Dune which is how I was introduced to his work. The Dune is Cody's backing band on this track (as well as on the rest of his 'Great Migration' lp) ... David Herman Dune's bass line is enough to make me want to play this track on repeat all day.

1. The First Song - Band of Horses
2. Roscoe - Midlake
3. New Slang - the Shins
4. Poison Cup - M. Ward
5. These Days - Nico
6. Mr Carvery - Mike O'Neil
7. Ramshakle - Beck
8. California Stars - Billy Bragg & Wilco
9. Girl up the Stairs - Two Hours Traffic
10. Feel You Closer - the Skydiggers
11. Capri - Turner Cody
12. Holland (live) - Paul MacLeod
13. the Wrong Guy -
Julie Doiron
14. Fake Empire - the National
15. Into the Night - Gord Downie

Friday, November 16, 2007


(click HERE to listen)

Another week, another mixed bag of tunes ... and in the true spirit of mixing things up I've enlisted the help of a couple of listeners in choosing this weeks track list. I'm going to make "the Guest List" a weekly feature on the show because let's face it, there's a tonne of great music to be heard and not nearly enough time to listen to it all yourself. I'll feature 5 or so songs chosen by listeners along with a little blurb about why they dig those particular songs.

First up is the Port City duo of Shalala & Reef. Not much is known about these guys, but one thing is for sure... they LOVE the exclamation mark!!

I was asked to setup a list of five tunes that I wanted to showcase in this week's installment of Restless Radio, so I enlisted the help of my friend Reef to get'er done. Together we sat down and came up with six songs... not five like I was asked to but six! I just couldn't drop any tune off the final list. So here we go!

- We start things off with some Electropunk. Reef and I had the benefit of catching this band in Saint John (NB) at Elwoods. You Say Party! We Say Die!'s 'Monster' does not disappoint anyone who's looking to go out and hear something new!
- The follow-up is one off Reef's picks: 'Mama, won't you keep those castles in the air and burning' by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! I was a little reluctant with this song at first, but after listening to the build up throughout the song I couldn't help but want to put it in this list.
- Next up, an easy sleeper tune titled Not About To by Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees. They hail from Halifax and I must say they do not disappoint whatsoever! Rebeckah Higgs's vocals fit this Folktronic tune perfectly.
- 'Nantes' by Beirut is Reef's next pick. I had this album on my computer but never really gave it a good listen until Reef pushed me to hear this particular song. I listened and was automatically sold right from the get go! Not to mention that Zach Condon (Beirut) recorded this entire album by himself on a Macbook! Reef directed me to watch this video of him playing in Paris on the street and I was in utter shock how it could sound so amazing.
- I wanted to follow it up with something upbeat so I threw the song Yes! Yes! Yes! by Newfoundland's own Hey Rosetta! If a band puts an exclamation mark at the end of their name they've gotta be rockin', right?
- Lastly,
I have been really impressed with the new Wintersleep album 'Welcome to the Night Sky'. I chose the song 'Laser Beam' because its the one tune that really caught my attention from beginning to end without leaving me astray. A real solid tune.

Many thanks to Shalala & Reef. Nice work guys, not a dud in the bunch!

- This past week Radiohead performed via webcast from their rehersal/jam spot. They played songs from their new album 'In Rainbows' along with a few choice covers. A highlight of the show was the bands performance of the opening track to this weeks show, 'Jigsaw Falling Into Place'. Check out the video here. For a behind the scenes write up check out Adam Buxton's website.
- The Kings of Leon have been a Restless Radio favorite for years now and to be quite honest I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to feature a song of theirs on the show. As far as rock bands go these guys are the real deal. I'm partial to their sophomore release 'Aha Shake Heartbreak', but 'Camero' is taken from their most recent lp 'Because of the Times'. They've got a tight rhythm section and wear tight jeans ... rock 'n roll!
- The Black Keys are my 2nd favorite rock duo. They've released a bunch of great records over the past 5 years, but listening to them you'd think they had recorded their stuff in the early 70's in a garage somewhere. White-Bar-Blues.
- I'm a big Skydiggers fan, so I couldn't resist featuring one of their founding members again this week. Peter Cash was the principal songwriter for the Diggers in their early years, but after leaving the band he teamed up with his singer/songwriter brother Andrew in 1999 to form the Cash Brothers. This track appeared on their '01 release 'How Was Tomorrow'.
- Since starting this whole podcast thing I've revisited a lot of old favorites I hadn't listened to for a while, and one of those is Hayden. He has a knack for writing great songs and 'Hollywood Ending' is one of those songs.
- Elf Power's song 'An Old Familiar Scene' was sent to me by a listener who has really helped us out recently here at Restless Radio. Joey over at NicelyDunn fixed by broken XML link which was causing some problems for those trying to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes. The problem is now fixed so feel free to click the 'Subscribe' link in the upper right corner of the page to download all the newest shows directly into iTunes. Thanks again Joey!
- Herman Dune is one of those bands that grabs you and just won't let go. Originally from Sweden, these guys were part of the New York 'Anti-Folk' scene for a while before breaking out to a wider Euro audience thanks to legendary BBC radio host John Peel's love of their sound. Songwriting duties were originally shared by brothers David and Andre for their first 6 albums, sadly Andre left the band last year to pursue a solo career as 'Stanley Brinks' playing mostly in Germany. Nevertheless, the band continues to tour and are a fantastic live act. 'Going to Everglades' is from their Switzerland Heritage lp.
- I've been digging My Morning Jacket for sometime now and was lucky enough to see them live opening for Pearl Jam last year. Jim James has one of those unique rock 'n roll voices that is instantly recognizable and the band as a whole can lay down a groove like non other. Off the Record is from their album 'Z'.
- To cap off this weeks podcast I leave you with a great little number by Magnolia Electric Co. titled 'Hammer Down'. MEC is one of the many projects fronted by Jason Molina. This guy is about as prolific as you can get when it comes to songwriting and is so great at putting together a fantastic song. I often describe his full band sound to that of Neil Young & Crazy Horse... guitars, bass, drums, and a case full of soul.

May your weekend be a good one.

track list
1. Jigsaw Falling Into Place - Radiohead
2. Camero - Kings of Leon
3. Black Door - the Black Keys
4. Nerve - the Cash Brothers
5. Hollywood Ending - Hayden
6. Monster - You Say Party! We Say Die! **
7. Mama, Won't you keep those Castles ... - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! **
8. Not About To - Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees **
9. Nantes - Beirut **
10. Yes! Yes! Yes! - Hey Rosetta **
11. Laser Beams - Wintersleep **
12. An Old Familiar Scene - Elf Power
13. Going to Everglades - Herman Dune
14. Off the Record - My Morning Jacket
15. Hammer Down - Magnolia Electric Co.

** = Guest List picks

Thursday, November 08, 2007

4th Time Around

(click HERE to listen)

This past week I found an old mix cd I made a few years back. Some of the songs hadn't occupied a spot on my hard drive in sometime so it was nice to listen to them with fresh ears. I love hearing a song again for the first time... you know? If a particular song or artist has been off of your musical radar for an extended period of time it's a treat to go back and revisit. Whether the song is linked to a road trip, or a particularly stellar evening you had, it almost definitely brings a smile.
Rheostatics, Fiery Furnances, Belle & Sebastian, Frank Black & the Catholics, and the Zutons are all fantastic bands that for one reason or another have been on my listening back burner for a while now. Each of the tracks presented below represent what these bands do best. The Rheos were Canada's favorite indie sons up until their break-up last year. Any band that can reference Fantasy Island in their song gets top marks from me... "Boss, the Plane!". Fiery Furnaces are possibly the most eclectic sounding band I've ever listened to. Their album titled 'EP' is the one that has received the most play on my part, it's filled with tonnes of great tracks. Belle & Sebastian and the Zutons add some UK flavor to the mix and of course Frank Black & the Catholics brings it EVERY TIME . Whether he's fronting the Pixies or doing his thing with the Catholics, Frank Black presents a rock song in his own unique way without ever disappointing.
the National, Phoenix, and Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova & the Frames are all new additions to my playlist that come highly recommended by friends. As always, big thanks! Of note is the Frames track which, along with a full albums worth of material, makes up the soundtrack to an indie film titled 'Once' which comes highly recommended by my brother.
I've been consistently listening to Ben Kweller and Ryan Adams & the Cardinals for the past few years, so their inclusion here won't come as any sort of surprise to you I'm sure. If you need a heartfelt number to listen to they should be your "go-to" guys. Ryan Adams in particular has been on somewhat of a role, recently coming off a very successful North American tour with the Cardinals. His current recording contract with Lost Highways has expired and from what I've read he'll be dropping his name sake from the band and touring only as 'The Cardinals' in the new year. Good on 'em for recognizing a great band. If you need convincing check out this amazing set they played back in July in Santa Cruz.
the Flaming Lips are a band that needs to be seen to truly be believed. Their sound is layered with good time vibes and their live show only adds to the madness. This track from their album 'the Soft Bulletin' highlights what these guys do best.
The Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros track is for all the Clash fans ... RIP Joe. This guy had one of those voices that was instantly recognizable. So good.
I decided to end the show with a couple of real solid tunes ... there's gold at the end of the rainbow, i swear! Danny Michel is yet another great Canadian singer/songwriter with a unique voice to match his talent with a guitar. Four years back he put out an album of all David Bowie covers called 'Loving the Alien' which ended up being my introduction to Bowie oddly enough. Danny makes the songs his own and presents them in a way that even impressed Bowie. High praise for sure.
And finally, the grand daddies of cool, the Velvet Underground wrap things up with 'Pale Blue Eyes'. If you have yet to dedicate some time to this band do yourself a favor and pick up one of the many compilations that have been issued since 1970, you will not be disappointed.

Intro -> Kid Koala vs. the Dude
1. Race for the Prize - the Flaming Lips
2. Four Winds - Bright Eyes 3. Let it Ride - Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
4. Coma Girl - Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros
5. P.I.N. - Rheostatics
6. It's Cool to Love Your Family - Feist
7. Evergreen - Fiery Furnances
8. Another Sunny Day - Belle & Sebastian
9. Trying to Pull Myself Away - Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova & the Frames
10. The Rules - Ben Kweller
11. Sometimes in the Fall - Phoenix
12. Zuton Fever - the Zutons
13. Brainy - the National
14. Robert Onion - Frank Black & the Catholics
15. Young American - Danny Michel
16. Pale Blue Eyes - the Velvet Underground

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Viva Canuckistan!

(click HERE to listen)

This weeks track list has an all-Canadian flavor to it. There is so much great music being created in this country that I can really only skim the surface with this post, so here's to hoping you hear something new that makes you want to dig a little deeper into some of these great Canadian music catalog's.

- The Arcade Fire is the prototypical 'perfect band'. They make great music, have an amazing live show, and do everything on their own terms. Most bands of their caliber and popularity would have sold out long ago but they've refused to take the easy road. Track 1 is a choice cut from their first full length lp, Funeral.
- The Skydiggers have long been one of my favorite Canadian bands, to this day they rank highly on my 'Top 5 Live Experiences Ever' list. They were a staple of the Canadian live music scene from '88-'98 but have only played a handful of shows each year since then. Truly a shame. Track 2 is taken from their live record 'There and Back'.
- I like to think that Cuff the Duke picked up where the 'Diggers' left off. They've always had a bit of an alt-country flavor to them but have also grown by leeps and bounds over the course of their past three studio albums. This track is from their newly released 3rd record 'Sidelines of the City'. Highly recommended.
- Paul MacLeod is the hardest working Canadian singer songwriter you've never heard of. Between writing material for his solo records and sideband Hibakusha, he has also become a fulltime member of the Skydiggers and has sat in with the Rheostatics on occasion. This track is from his 2nd solo disc 'Close and Play' which he recorded with another great Canadian songwriter, Hawksley Workman.
- Wolf Parade got their first bit of exposure to the masses while opening for Arcade Fire on the Funeral tour. The band is part Montreal, part Vancouver, but ALL business. Their members all have side projects so it may be a while before we get another album... luckily their first lp 'Apologies to the Queen Mary' has enough great music on it to last for a while.
- Apostle of Hustle and Metric both have ties to the now famous Broken Social Scene, so I thought I'd give all three bands a fair shake this time around. They each have their strong points so you can be the judge on which project you prefer ... in case you're wondering, I'm saving Leslie Feist for another show down the road.
- We're three shows into this podcast and already I've showcased Joel Plaskett and Peter Elkas twice, can you tell I'm a fan? Peter is a former member of the Local Rabbits and has toured extensively as an opening act for Joel as well as playing guitar from time to time in The Emergency. I picked Only You from Peter's 1st solo album because it showcases just how good of a guitarist this guy actually is (he's not just a pretty face ladies). Joel's tune on the other hand is from his 'Down at the Khyber' lp and is pure Emergency goodness.
- Islands are yet another Montreal based band that I've only recently been introduced to. I've included this track because song titles don't get any better than 'Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby'.
- A few months back I was listening to Q ( on CBC radio and Jian Ghomeshi played this track by Martha & the Muffins. It's a solid tune by one of Toronto's best new wave bands (circa 1980).
- I don't listen to the Weakerthans enough, but I'm going to start. This stellar track is from their 2003 lp Reconstruction Site. Winnipeg has a knack for producing some of Canada's most original rock music (remember the Watchmen?) and these guys are continuing that tradition.
- The Sadies have become Canada's alt-country darlings and have earned a reputation as the hardest working live band in the country. High praise to say the least, but these guys deserve every bit of it. They've collaborates with everyone from Rick White(Eric's Trip & Elevator), Greg Kealor (Blue Rodeo), Neko Case, Jon Spencer, and Garth Hudson (the Band) to name just a few, and have also managed to release 6 studio records over the past nine years! It was hard to pick just one track, but I think Translucent Sparrow from their 'Favorite Colours' lp shows the range these guys have as musicians.
- I couldn't put together a list of CanRock without including the Hip. They've been working the music scene for twenty plus years and aren't showing any signs of slowing down. They've got it all as a band; the long haired lead guitarist, the cigarette dangling rhythm guitarist, the solid bass & drum duo, and the wily frontman. How do you pick a favorite song from these guys? I don't have an answer, but I do have this excellent little number off of their 'In Between Evolution album.
- Hayden's 'Dynamite Walls' opus wraps up this edition of the podcast. It's my favorite song of his for many reasons; I'm a sucker for a slowburn intro, his lyrics paint a picture of a winter road trip we've all taken at one point in our lives, and the guitar freakout at the end is face melting.
"Open your eyes, put it in drive, get on the road, and discover."

Intro-> Mitch Hedberg vs. Bullfrog
1. Neighborhood #2 - Arcade Fire
2. Just Over This Mountain - the Skydiggers
3. If I Live or If I Die - Cuff the Duke
4. Broken Wing - Paul MacLeod
5. It's a Curse - Wolf Parade
6. Chances Are - Apostle of Hustle
7. Only You - Peter Elkas
8. 7/4 (Shoreline) - Broken Social Scene
9. Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby - Islands
10. Too Little Toot Late - Metric
11. Paint By Number Heart - Martha & the Muffins
12. There's Love in the Air - Joel Plaskett Emergency
13. A New Name for Everything - the Weakerthans
14. Translucent Sparow - the Sadies
15. One Night in Copenhagen - the Tragically Hip
16. Dynamite Walls - Hayden

On a more somber note, the Restless Radio team would like to dedicate this weeks episode to the memory of one of the greats... Robert Goulet. Most of you probably know the name from a Will Ferrel skit on SNL, but Goulet was much more than just a punchline. He starred in several classics (G-Men from Hell, BeetleJuice, and Naked Gun 2 1/2 just to name a few) and was known the world over as the man with the golden voice.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

PodCast Part Deux

(click HERE to listen)

This weeks selections are scattered to say the least. Here's the run down...

- Radiohead made the cut for obvious reasons. Their new album is chalk full of arty goodness, but I honestly didn't know which new track to pick so I turned to a modern classic, the Kid A track 'Morning Bell'.
- TV on the Radio, John Vanderslice, and the Mohawk Lodge (thanks Dave) are all recent additions to my playlist, so all I'll say at this point is that they've peaked my interest in a big way.
- The Local Rabbits have long been a Restless Radio staple, even if the band is no longer with us. This track is from their 'Basic Concepts' lp and really showcases the talent these West Isle rockers had back in the day.
- Julie Doiron's new album is insanely good... seriously. Showcased here is the title track from the album which she recorded with her former Eric's Trip bandmate Rick White.
- Sonic Youth, the Breeders, Pavement, Blind Melon, and Sloan are all staples of the mid 90's sound we all know and love. The Melon track is a Velvet Underground cover they had originally recorded for their 1st demo tape as a band. AWESOME.
- The Whigs, Tapes 'n Tapes,and the Shins have all been the popular subjects of music blogs over the past few years and for good reason. Solid grooves all around.
- The New Pornographers and the Constantines are considered Canadian 'indie rock' royalty these days but occupy completely different spectrum's of that universe. The Cons can hit you hard with distorted guitars or, as is the case here, can reel you in with a slow jam. The New Pornagraphers are the kings (& queens) of cool pop, songwriting doesn't get much better than this.
- To cap off this weeks edition of the program I've saved one of Canada's best for last. Gord Downie, of Tragically Hip fame, has written some great stuff over the years and I honestly think his two solo albums are on par with his best work with the Hip. This track is from his Coke Machine Glow lp, but it would be right at home on Dylan & the Bands 'basement tapes'. So good.

As always, keep those requests and recommendations coming.

(Intro) Kid Koala - Scurvy
1. Sub-Domestic - the Constantines
2. Morning Bell - Radiohead
3. Hours - TV on the Radio
4. Cut Your Hair - Pavement
5. High School Hierarchy - Local Rabbits
6. Can't Hear you Coming - the Whigs
7. Cowbell - Tapes 'n Tapes
8. Sing Me Spanish Techno - the New Pornographers
9. I Woke Myself Up - Julie Doiron
10. Self-Obsessed and Sexxee - Sonic Youth
11. Do You Love Me Now? - the Breeders
12. 400 Meters - Sloan
13. Wear'Em Out - the Mohawk Lodge
14. the Great Migration - Turner Cody
15. Australia - the Shins
16. the Parade - John Vanderslice
17. Candy Says - Blind Melon
18. Yer Possessed - Gordon Downie

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Restless Radio Podcast - Episode 1

(click HERE to listen)

I've been thinking about doing a Podcast for some time now... pretty much ever since the original Restless Radio program went off the air. So, after learning how to put one of these things together I thought I'd post a simple first show. If it works out then there should be more shows to follow that will hopefully include a little more banter on my part about the songs I've selected.
There's about 60 minutes of music here, click on the title above to get the full MP3. All selections have been pre-approved by yours truly and are ripe for consumption. If you have any requests just let me know.


Episode 1 tracklist:
1. Goodnight Rose - Ryan Adams
2. Walk, don't run - Herman Dune
3. Helicopter - M Ward
4. You are my face - Wilco
5. The shape is in a trance - Thurston Moore
6. Black Iron Lake - Baby Eagle
7. Think I'm in love - Beck
8. Dry the Rain - Beta Band
9. Far behind - Ed Vedder
10. I'm slowly turning into you - White Stripes
11. Farewell Transmission - Songs:Ohia
12. Marquee Glass - Shotgun & Jaybird
13. The Devil never sleeps - Iron & Wine
14. Absentminded melody - Joel Plaskett