Thursday, October 25, 2007

PodCast Part Deux

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This weeks selections are scattered to say the least. Here's the run down...

- Radiohead made the cut for obvious reasons. Their new album is chalk full of arty goodness, but I honestly didn't know which new track to pick so I turned to a modern classic, the Kid A track 'Morning Bell'.
- TV on the Radio, John Vanderslice, and the Mohawk Lodge (thanks Dave) are all recent additions to my playlist, so all I'll say at this point is that they've peaked my interest in a big way.
- The Local Rabbits have long been a Restless Radio staple, even if the band is no longer with us. This track is from their 'Basic Concepts' lp and really showcases the talent these West Isle rockers had back in the day.
- Julie Doiron's new album is insanely good... seriously. Showcased here is the title track from the album which she recorded with her former Eric's Trip bandmate Rick White.
- Sonic Youth, the Breeders, Pavement, Blind Melon, and Sloan are all staples of the mid 90's sound we all know and love. The Melon track is a Velvet Underground cover they had originally recorded for their 1st demo tape as a band. AWESOME.
- The Whigs, Tapes 'n Tapes,and the Shins have all been the popular subjects of music blogs over the past few years and for good reason. Solid grooves all around.
- The New Pornographers and the Constantines are considered Canadian 'indie rock' royalty these days but occupy completely different spectrum's of that universe. The Cons can hit you hard with distorted guitars or, as is the case here, can reel you in with a slow jam. The New Pornagraphers are the kings (& queens) of cool pop, songwriting doesn't get much better than this.
- To cap off this weeks edition of the program I've saved one of Canada's best for last. Gord Downie, of Tragically Hip fame, has written some great stuff over the years and I honestly think his two solo albums are on par with his best work with the Hip. This track is from his Coke Machine Glow lp, but it would be right at home on Dylan & the Bands 'basement tapes'. So good.

As always, keep those requests and recommendations coming.

(Intro) Kid Koala - Scurvy
1. Sub-Domestic - the Constantines
2. Morning Bell - Radiohead
3. Hours - TV on the Radio
4. Cut Your Hair - Pavement
5. High School Hierarchy - Local Rabbits
6. Can't Hear you Coming - the Whigs
7. Cowbell - Tapes 'n Tapes
8. Sing Me Spanish Techno - the New Pornographers
9. I Woke Myself Up - Julie Doiron
10. Self-Obsessed and Sexxee - Sonic Youth
11. Do You Love Me Now? - the Breeders
12. 400 Meters - Sloan
13. Wear'Em Out - the Mohawk Lodge
14. the Great Migration - Turner Cody
15. Australia - the Shins
16. the Parade - John Vanderslice
17. Candy Says - Blind Melon
18. Yer Possessed - Gordon Downie

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jasonl said...

hey great stuff man! Some real solid songs in here.