Thursday, October 18, 2007

Restless Radio Podcast - Episode 1

(click HERE to listen)

I've been thinking about doing a Podcast for some time now... pretty much ever since the original Restless Radio program went off the air. So, after learning how to put one of these things together I thought I'd post a simple first show. If it works out then there should be more shows to follow that will hopefully include a little more banter on my part about the songs I've selected.
There's about 60 minutes of music here, click on the title above to get the full MP3. All selections have been pre-approved by yours truly and are ripe for consumption. If you have any requests just let me know.


Episode 1 tracklist:
1. Goodnight Rose - Ryan Adams
2. Walk, don't run - Herman Dune
3. Helicopter - M Ward
4. You are my face - Wilco
5. The shape is in a trance - Thurston Moore
6. Black Iron Lake - Baby Eagle
7. Think I'm in love - Beck
8. Dry the Rain - Beta Band
9. Far behind - Ed Vedder
10. I'm slowly turning into you - White Stripes
11. Farewell Transmission - Songs:Ohia
12. Marquee Glass - Shotgun & Jaybird
13. The Devil never sleeps - Iron & Wine
14. Absentminded melody - Joel Plaskett


aaron thomas smith said...

Nice one brother. There's nothing to put to question, your keeping this ship afloat. "helicopter, let your long rope dooooowwn" -m.ward. Look forward to you bringing forward the songs I'm fallin for before being brought to mine ears.

Quick aside... your truly hung up on 'jaybird and shotgun'! Personally, it's a long shot, but maybe you can turn us all around.

Anonymous said...


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