Thursday, November 08, 2007

4th Time Around

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This past week I found an old mix cd I made a few years back. Some of the songs hadn't occupied a spot on my hard drive in sometime so it was nice to listen to them with fresh ears. I love hearing a song again for the first time... you know? If a particular song or artist has been off of your musical radar for an extended period of time it's a treat to go back and revisit. Whether the song is linked to a road trip, or a particularly stellar evening you had, it almost definitely brings a smile.
Rheostatics, Fiery Furnances, Belle & Sebastian, Frank Black & the Catholics, and the Zutons are all fantastic bands that for one reason or another have been on my listening back burner for a while now. Each of the tracks presented below represent what these bands do best. The Rheos were Canada's favorite indie sons up until their break-up last year. Any band that can reference Fantasy Island in their song gets top marks from me... "Boss, the Plane!". Fiery Furnaces are possibly the most eclectic sounding band I've ever listened to. Their album titled 'EP' is the one that has received the most play on my part, it's filled with tonnes of great tracks. Belle & Sebastian and the Zutons add some UK flavor to the mix and of course Frank Black & the Catholics brings it EVERY TIME . Whether he's fronting the Pixies or doing his thing with the Catholics, Frank Black presents a rock song in his own unique way without ever disappointing.
the National, Phoenix, and Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova & the Frames are all new additions to my playlist that come highly recommended by friends. As always, big thanks! Of note is the Frames track which, along with a full albums worth of material, makes up the soundtrack to an indie film titled 'Once' which comes highly recommended by my brother.
I've been consistently listening to Ben Kweller and Ryan Adams & the Cardinals for the past few years, so their inclusion here won't come as any sort of surprise to you I'm sure. If you need a heartfelt number to listen to they should be your "go-to" guys. Ryan Adams in particular has been on somewhat of a role, recently coming off a very successful North American tour with the Cardinals. His current recording contract with Lost Highways has expired and from what I've read he'll be dropping his name sake from the band and touring only as 'The Cardinals' in the new year. Good on 'em for recognizing a great band. If you need convincing check out this amazing set they played back in July in Santa Cruz.
the Flaming Lips are a band that needs to be seen to truly be believed. Their sound is layered with good time vibes and their live show only adds to the madness. This track from their album 'the Soft Bulletin' highlights what these guys do best.
The Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros track is for all the Clash fans ... RIP Joe. This guy had one of those voices that was instantly recognizable. So good.
I decided to end the show with a couple of real solid tunes ... there's gold at the end of the rainbow, i swear! Danny Michel is yet another great Canadian singer/songwriter with a unique voice to match his talent with a guitar. Four years back he put out an album of all David Bowie covers called 'Loving the Alien' which ended up being my introduction to Bowie oddly enough. Danny makes the songs his own and presents them in a way that even impressed Bowie. High praise for sure.
And finally, the grand daddies of cool, the Velvet Underground wrap things up with 'Pale Blue Eyes'. If you have yet to dedicate some time to this band do yourself a favor and pick up one of the many compilations that have been issued since 1970, you will not be disappointed.

Intro -> Kid Koala vs. the Dude
1. Race for the Prize - the Flaming Lips
2. Four Winds - Bright Eyes 3. Let it Ride - Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
4. Coma Girl - Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros
5. P.I.N. - Rheostatics
6. It's Cool to Love Your Family - Feist
7. Evergreen - Fiery Furnances
8. Another Sunny Day - Belle & Sebastian
9. Trying to Pull Myself Away - Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova & the Frames
10. The Rules - Ben Kweller
11. Sometimes in the Fall - Phoenix
12. Zuton Fever - the Zutons
13. Brainy - the National
14. Robert Onion - Frank Black & the Catholics
15. Young American - Danny Michel
16. Pale Blue Eyes - the Velvet Underground

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