Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blue Fog Revue

If there was ever a time this maritimer wished he lived in Toronto it would be now.  Our friends at Blue Fog Recordings have announced an amazing night of music set to take place on May 14th at Lee's Palace.  Unfortunately for the rest of the country this Revue is not of the Rolling Thunder variety so the only chance to experience it is to be in the GTA in May.  Here's to hoping some of these artists make their way East for an appearance at SappyFest this summer.

Canada's most discerning psychedelic/country/folk/ label, Blue Fog is proud to present Blue Fog Revue, on May 14th at Lee's Palace. Blue Fog Revue is a one time only spectacle that will feature collaborations and performances from the label's bands (in alphabetical order):

Andre Ethier - Castlemusic - Eiyn Sof - Nordic Nomadic - One Hundred Dollars - RickWhiteAlbum - Wyrd Visions

An event of utmost rarity, Blue Fog Revue brings these musicians together to play their own and each others music - a difficult feat considering the reclusiveness of both White and Ethier. (Despite critical acclaim for both "Son of Blue Fog" and "137" neither Ethier or White have feted or toured their latest releases). Solo artists Nordic Nomadic (Chad Ross of Quest for Fire), Wyrd Visions, RickWhiteAlbum and Castlemusic will be backed by Ethier's band and by One Hundred Dollars. Guest appearances from members of the Unintended and Elevator are also rumored. The night will close with a set by country phenom, One Hundred Dollars.

Tickets Available at Rotate This and Soundscapes. $12 in advance, $15 at the door.
Contact for more information

Rick White - Belief 
from the album '137' .  Buy the ltd edition LP from Sonic Unyon HERE

Nordic Nomadic - the Weather in Your Mind

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