Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Milks & Rectangles - digital EP's

Thanks to a visit to my local record shop I've been introduced to Milks & Rectangles, a band from your favorite red-soiled island on the East Coast.  Marc (aka Bones) at the record shop recommended them to me saying they kinda sounded like a cross between Pavement and Modest Mouse, not a bad combo ... so I took a chance on the Civic Virtues EP and I'm glad I did!  The music is up beat, the guitars are jangly and distorted, and the vocals have a subdued quality that really fits the music well.

After giving the first EP a few spins I headed to their website and downloaded their newest EP Troubleshooters which, it turns out, is even better than their 1st!  If I had to try and compare this band to another it would probably be The Soft Pack (formerly The Muslims), they write great songs that grow on you and you'll quickly find yourself humming along with the chorus parts.  If you're still not convinced, have a listen to both EP's below and make a point to see these guys when they pass through your town.  As a vinyl fan I can only hope for a 7" or 12" release in the future from these guys.

Civic Virtues - Milks & Rectangles 2009

<a href="">Armchair General by Milks &amp; Rectangles</a>

Troubleshooters - Milks & Rectangles 2010
<a href="">Wink And A Gun (The Jury's Hung) by Milks &amp; Rectangles</a>

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