Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daniel Romano updatery - 7" available now, LP out June 1st

In the words of The Dude, "certain information has come to light, man".  Our friends at You've Changed Records have been busy prepping their latest release and have given us a glimpse of what's to come.  As I'm sure you've guessed the photo above is for Daniel Romano's upcoming solo effort "Workin' for the Music Man".  The album has a scheduled release date of June 1st so mark your calendars folks!  Daniel has been posting tiny morsels of info on his blog as well so check it out from time to time for the latest news on him.

I had mentioned a few posts back that Daniel had a 7" single being released as well.  It was originally only available at select Daniel, Fred, and Julie shows but you can now order it online through the Dine Alone Records web shop for a mere $6 (i think that includes shipping).  A great deal for what is sure to be a nice set of songs.

Below is an excellent "in Studio" session with Daniel courtesy of Dine Alone Records and Wood & Wires Productions.  Enjoy!

Dine Alone Records and Wood & Wires Productions present In Studio with Daniel Romano. Bringing you a behind the scenes look at the artist, featuring an interview and an exclusive live song.

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