Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Breakfast with the Arghts

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I'm getting back into the groove.... expect more frequent posts in the future. That being said, here's a few tracks to help kick start summer.

All This Time - Heartless Bastards

This Ohio based trio is a new addition to the Restless Radio playlist, having only recently discovered them via mix someone sent me. I love how three people can make a song sound so full and complete, and with lead singer Erika Wennerstrom singing her heart out it makes this track a winner.

Hard Feelings - Constantines
The Cons have a new record out titled Kensington Heights, and in true Cons fashion it's in your face and loud. Sooo good.

Aluminum Park - My Morning Jacket
I'm following one new release with another. Evil Urges is My Morning Jackets latest studio effort and to say they've evolved their sound would be an understatement of epic proportions ... kinda like saying Mt Everest is a nice little hike. They incorporate all sorts of different styles (soul, funk, rock, jam, etc...) on the new record, Jim James even sounds like Michael Jackson on one of the tracks. But to keep the rock vibe of this playlist going I've decided to sample one of the true rockers on the album for your listening pleasure.

Keep It Down - Local Rabbits (Basic Concepts)
Peter Elkas and his fellow Rabbits were known for laying a solid groove wherever they went and this track is a perfect example. RIP Local Rabbits.

Oh No - Dr. Dog (Easy Beat)
So one of the reasons I haven't been posting many podcasts as of late is that I just haven't had the time to listen to very much music, let alone new music ... but the one band I have been devouring for the past few months has been Dr Dog. Their music can be nuttier than squirrel shit at times, but it's always interesting and their grooves just don't quit. This particular track is from their '05 release Easy Beat. If you love your ears and want to reward them for all those years of service with some solid tunes then this is the band to do it with.

The Grey Estates - Wolf Parade
Wolf Parade is releasing a new record soon (REJOICE!!!) and this song might be on it... (you didn't hear it from me).

Thunder on the Mountain - Bob Dylan
I saw Bob Dylan and his band last week at the Coliseum and it was nothing short of amazing. His band was insanely tight and "his Bobness" was rocking out on keys all night (I'm told he places less guitar and more keys these days due to some nagging arthritis in his hands). This track is from his most recent lp 'Modern Times' and really showcases the sound he's been refining over the past 5 years. He's not as prolific as he used to be, but his output hits the mark every time.

Happiest Day of Our Lives -> Another Brick In the Wall Pt. 2 - Luther Wright & the Wrongs (Rebuild the Wall)
One of the perks with having a wife who works at a local top 40 radio station is that they (the station) often times discards GREAT CDs because they don't fit their top 40 mold. A few times a year the employees get to dig through boxes full of unplayed albums and this Luther Wright & the Wrongs album was one of the gems that made it home to me. LW & the W's decided to faithfully reproduce Pink Floyd's 19'78 classic "The Wall", the twist being that it's done in an alt-country way. I used to think the Wall was the most depressing album ever... no more. Put on yer 10 gallon hat and rock out to one of the funnest covers you'll ever hear.

Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? - She & Him (Volume 1)
M.Ward (the musician) & Zoe Deschanel (the actress) have teamed up to record an album. Music wise it may be right up your alley, so here's a sample.

Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi - Jacques Dutronc
This track comes to you straight from 1966 era France, sung by one of the most popular French vocalists in existence. I just happen to like the song. If you can understand french you'll get the rebellious nature of the song, if not ... c'est la vie.

My Old Ways - Dr. Dog (We All Belong)
I did say I was listening to these guys non-stop lately right? A great track from their latest lp titled 'We All Belong'.

Old Enough - the Raconteurs
The Racs released their latest LP 'Consolers of the Lonely' guerilla style, giving the industry and fans alike only one weeks notice before unleashing this beast of an album on us. Personally, I like the tactic. It means less time waiting in anticipation and more time listening ... what a concept!

The Sweetest Tooth - Camphor
Camphor is a New York based group with Max Avery Lichtenstein (indie film score composer) at the helm. Vocally there are similarities with mellow era Beck ('Sea Changes' anyone?), but musically this stuff is cinematic in scope, which makes sense given Max's background. A solid track to say the least (one of two songs this week gratefully "donated" by DJ Bones ).

Challengers - The New Pornographers
The poster children of Canadian indie rock return to the Podcast with this A.C. Newman penned gem of a song. The combination Of Neko Case's vocals and the faint mandolin in the background totally make this track.

Mona Lisa - Blair
This New Orleans native has a real angel of a voice and is just an absolute pleasure to listen to. More of her stuff can be found here. Big thanks to DJ Bones for another fine recommendation.

Bedhead - Shotgun Jimmie (the Onlys)
From the ashes of Sackville's now defunct Shotgun & Jaybird comes this solo outing from one of it's co-founders. It's mellow and quirky, a fitting end to this weeks melange of tunes.

Until next time ...


1. All This Time - Heartless Bastards 0:00
2. Hard Feelings - Constantines 3:07
3. Aluminum Park - My Morning Jacket 6:32
4. Keep It Down - Local Rabbits 10:30
5. Oh No - Dr. Dog 14:31
6. The Grey Estates - Wolf Parade 18:36
7. Thunder on the Mountain - Bob Dylan 22:04
8. Happiest Day of Our Lives - Luther Wright & the Wrongs 27:59
9. Another Brick In the Wall Pt. 2 - Luther Wright & the Wrongs 29:02
10. Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? - She & Him 33:03
11. Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi - Jacques Dutronc 35:34
12. My Old Ways - Dr. Dog 38:30
13. Old Enough - the Raconteurs 42:01
14. The Sweetest Tooth - Camphor 45:48
15. Challengers - The New Pornographers 49:52
16. Mona Lisa - Blair 53:24
17. Bedhead - Shotgun Jimmie 56:16

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