Friday, January 18, 2008

Montreal Snowfall Effect

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This weeks installment of the podcast is brought to you by a Restless Radio listener turned correspondent. I crossed paths with Aaron while living in Ottawa a few years back, he was living one floor up from my brother and would always throw in his 2 cents whenever Eric and I were discussing our latest musical discoveries. Since then we've always kind of been on the same mailing lists so we've stayed in touch and traded musical experiences from time to time. He's currently calling Montreal home and has been lucky enough to get one of those special gigs in the music biz.
Most of these tracks were first time listens for me so it was refreshing to hear so many excellent songs in one sitting from bands that I'd never heard of for the most part. Early favorites of mine thus far include Kinetic Stereokids, Holy Fuck, and Handsome Furs.
Much like a fresh blanket of snow, these tunes will creep up on you... happy shoveling!


allo, c’est moi aaron. i moved to montreal to get enwrapped in music. found a gig with pop montreal. pop is a music festival that breathes artistic creativity, magnifying the local community & culture and promoting musicians tout le monde who are pushing the industry (well in my modest and unbiased definition). over the past year i’ve been toiling around ‘the scene’, here is what my ears have fallen in love with via pop mtl.

side a

silently - blonde redhead
mccaren park pool, brooklyn, new york. sitting backstage, sipping free whisky, witnessing the sun slowly descend, peering out over the same scene the band receives, in their home court no less and all you have to carry you along is this sonic bliss. i’d place this song 12 times, but that doesn’t make for much variety.

sing! captain - handsome furs (mtl)
face from ‘wolf parade’ accompanied by his girlfriend provides montreal its own ‘beck’.

the wind - peasant
running around as a patron at pop montreal 2006, i tripped upon on this conor oberst/elliot smith-esque presence. couldn’t shake the bright eyes stage relation… with his drunkard between song shyness completely offset by a clear and ever emotional in song act.

this thing about you - miracle fortress (mtl)
still haven’t taken much a fondness or been won over considering the inner city hype surrounding this one man show (graham van pelt), but you can’t deny a good tune and everyone seems to speak praise of his character, haha.

acoustic blue sun - think about life (mtl)
onstage gimmicks are seemingly pretentious, but when the lead singer came out wearing a motorcycle helmet, it just seemed natural. they are a bit off the wall, and enjoy their fans going off so, but also show this calm side.

explosions were heard - kinetic stereokids
from Flint, MI. (yes, the lead singers parents met while working on the set of micheal moore’s film ‘roger & me’). in running the listening sessions for this year’s festival, i had to sit through over 1,000 bands material, this here was my veto (or needo if you like) to play the festival, my #1. you might not take to the samples (giggling kids), but hopefully you’ll take to the talent.
side b

lovely allen - holy fuck (mtl)
my vote goes for best live act of 2007. infectious, my eyes were glued to the drummer their entire set,…and I promise I don’t have a fetish for drummers. they giver 127.6% and improvise constantly. the transition to album is not magical, but a step down is expected, still keeping it pretty decent. for someone not liking instrumentals, you’ll believe there were words.

what we had - handsome furs (mtl)
if only they could physically get across the border, oh the movements they’d be making.

you are never alone - socalled (mtl)
nothing beats a jewish cowboy, or the sweet, sweet voice of an accompanying katie moore. additionally, the video is worth a look.

insistor - tapes 'n tapes
there’s always an exception to the rule, this is thus, no pop relation. coachella 2006, easily the best performance of that excruciatingly hot california weekend, they rocked out like it wasn’t even hot (and with mullets no less).

fog and the horn - hot springs (mtl)
guilty pleasure, despite a strong distaste for this attractive female as a person, can’t quite shake my love of the music. played the festival at a literal whole in the wall venue holding a max. capacity of 4 mice, somehow 100 loyal fans squeezed in, yet even the faithful are tired of her mundane antics, witness to them constantly shouting “NEXT SONG” to disrupt her sexually laced between song banter.

paul cries - think about life (mtl)
describe themselves as “black guy, a hipster, a polar bear, and an albino”. here they are giving their taste of ‘the strokes’.

23 - blonde redhead
this whole album should be on here.

as for Restless Radio, might i throw in this plug…

“I was always impressed with a tombstone of a nameless musician I once saw. All it said was MUSICIAN – HE PASSED IT ON”

- Keith Richards

1. silently - blonde redhead
2. sing! captain - handsome furs
3. the wind - peasant
4. this thing about you - miracle fortress
5. acoustic blue sun - think about life
6. explosions were heard - kinetic stereokids
7. lovely allen - holy fuck
8. what we had - handsome furs
9. you are never alone - socalled
10. insistor - tapes 'n tapes
11. fog and the horn - hot springs
12. paul cries - think about life
13. 23 - blonde redhead

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